Ancestral Goa

A glimpse of Goa that was hundred years ago, is recreated on a nine acre land, and is called the Ancestral Goa. Dedicated to the preservation of art, culture and environment and in order to preserve Goa's past and its rich traditions this magnificent project has come up in Loutulim, South Goa, after meticulous research and hard work in creating the magic of Goa of yester years. One can actually go back in time and live the life of a normal Goan. The project is the brain child of Goan artist, Maendra J. Alvares and was opened for public in 1995.

It keeps the culture, the tradition and the mood of Goa alive. Goa boasts of glorious traditions that have been handed down to it over the ages, this recreation gives us an opportunity to have a glimpse at the same. There are feast and festive days celebrated here. This small village has a farmer’s and fisherman’s house as they were earlier completely done by mud and cow dung, with small gardens in front of the houses. One can also have a look at the famous a feni distillery. An actual replica of the ancient village, this place has a market with Goan handicrafts on display and sale as well. A liquor shop displaying and selling various types of Goan liquors is also present. A must visit place to live life in a slow pace going down the memory lane for a day. It actually imparts a culture based education about the roots and heritage of Goa.

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